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Our Phylosophy

We restore your vintage car with years of experience and attention to detail. Special knowledge, special tools and accuracy are absolutely necessary for a successful restoration!

So that you can enjoy the restoration even after the completion of the restoration and the costs incurred have remained within the framework, we would like to show you our approach to the restoration of vintage cars.

As a first step, together with you, we will determine the restoration plan in writing. You will then receive a budget for the work specified.

The basis for the creation of a cost framework is the obvious and stated faults and defects. Hidden defects remain reserved.

If it is necessary for the creation of a cost framework that before the order has already been carried out various investigations, this work will be charged with our current hourly rates.

Mercedes Benz:

W107, W108, W109, W110, W111, W112, W113, W114, W115, W116, W120 W121, W123, W124, W126, R129, W136, W128 W140, W186, W188, W189, W198, W201,

Gullwing, Adenauer, Pontoon, Tailfin, Pagoda, / 8, 6,3, 6,9, Baby Benz,

As well as transmission (automatic as well as manual), steering gear, axles, injection pumps, body work, to mention just a few things.

On request, we pick up your vintage car, engine or other restoration object from your home.

The billing for the restoration or repair of your vehicle is carried out according to actual expenditure, but always within the agreed budget, the max. 15% can be exceeded.

Should it become apparent during the processing of your classic car that the costs increase considerably due to unforeseeable circumstances, we will inform you immediately and discuss another procedure with you.

Spare parts for vintage cars are often particularly difficult to obtain. If the promised delivery time is considerably delayed, we will, of course, inform you immediately without any claim being made by the client.

Spare parts can also be provided by the customer or individual services can be organized. However, we do not assume any warranty and warranty for parts provided.

The troubleshooting of classic cars is often very difficult and time-consuming even for experienced professionals. We ask for your understanding that we charge this time with our current hourly rate.

We specialize in classic Mercedes-Benz models. Of course, we also offer you professional help with every other vehicle.

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